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Scary Maze Game

It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost anyone with a computer and an internet connection has at least heard of the Scary Maze game. The famous game has been popularized by a number of viral videos and it is safe to assume that every computer in the US has seen it popping up on its screen.

There are numerous Scary Maze videos that feature reactions of terrified victims of this frightening game. And the number of these videos seems to be increasing by the day. Rather than decreasing in number, these videos are increasing and getting even scarier.

For those of us who haven’t yet experience this phenomenon, the Scary Maze is a flash game that can capture your attention within a second while simultaneously keep you distracted. The rule is very simple: don’t touch any of the walls.

Most of the time, the players are asked by a friend or an acquaintance to maneuver a small dot through the scary maze. They are also told that only a very intelligent people have done it. The challenge boosts the ego of the unsuspecting person who grabs the mouse. At that point, the maze does not seem scary at all. At this point, the game seems not at all scary. There is a block of maze and an innocent looking small dot. This innocent appearance of the game is part of the deceit. The first seems to be extremely easy. People usually start playing because they want to prove to their friends that they are geniuses.

When they successfully cross the first level, there is a tiny path that leads them into the next one. The second level is also very simple and easy and the player does not find any difficulty in crossing it either. The tricky part starts from here. The level three has a very small path that needs to be navigated. The gamer will slide ever more closer to the screen. This will make him focus on the dot and the screen. Most people begin hitting the walls in the third level. If they hit a wall, they are required to begin the game all over again. The player starts getting frustrated. Another thing that player does not recognize is that he is completely absorbed in the game. He would ask for pin-drop silence because he wants to beat the game. What started as a game becomes a real challenge.

When he is at the fourth level, the game becomes more difficult – the path seems almost impossible to cross. They hold the mouse ever more tightly so that there are no unwanted movements. The designers have deliberately made this level into an impossible feat. There player cannot avoid hitting the wall. And when he does hit the wall, the moment for the drop scene occurs.

The horrible picture of Linda Blair form “The Exorcist” suddenly appears on the screen. Most players are so scared that they would simply run out of the room. They would start screaming, fall of the chair or do something crazy since they are extremely scared. This reaction is recorded and posted on the internet by the same friend who enticed them into playing the game.